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Acupuncture for Athletic Performance

Posted by melaniefuller on November 27, 2013 at 6:05 PM

You may know that acupuncture is great for treating injuries, illness and other ailments. Did you know that it is a preventative medicine? We treat before you get sick, to prevent illness and injury by strengthening the overall condition of your body, without the use of medications that can cause unwanted side effects.

Did you also know that acupuncture can boost athletic performance?

Whether we are elite athletes training for international events, or just trying to make it to the gym a few times a week, we all want to feel better, stronger and more fit when we work out. Acupuncture is an amazing way to improve your ability to workout and lead a more active and healthy lifestyle for longer!

In looking for clinical studies of the effects of acupuncture on athletic performance I came across two articles I found of interest.


The first uses saliva testing to monitor the levels of stress hormones and immune markers in women exercising heavily every day. The conductors of the experiment found that the acupuncture group had lower levels of stress hormone and higher levels the beneficial antibody SIgA. The acupuncture group also scored better in mood and fatigue levels. The study concluded that acupuncture helps to reduce stress on the body during physical exertion, enhances immune function and elevates overall mood and energy.


The second study analyzed a group of male basketball players. Three groups were tested, an acupuncture, control and sham group. The Taiwanese study found that the acupuncture group had slower heart rates post exercise, less oxygen consumption and lower levels of lactic acid in the blood (the byproduct that makes one feel sore after a workout).

You can read the full articles here:



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